About the company

Remko Grupp Ltd. is a company with more than 8 years experience of work with industrial equipment at the Estonian metalworking market.
The specialists of our firm guarantee quality and reliability industrial equipment repair.

We provide the following repair works:
- industrial equipment:
- machine tools;
- presses and guillotine;
- welding equipment;
- lifting equipment: cranes, hoists, etc.;
- hydraulics and pneumatics;
- work on the electronics;
- upgrading of electrical circuits;
- gearbox repair;
- transfer of equipment to the Control Building System.

Transportation, erection and installation of equipment.

On the our production area we provide the following works:
- turning work;
- milling;
- grinding (up to 1200 mm);
- slotting work;
- drilling work;
- thermal treatment.

We have a certificate
ISO 9001:2015 (nr. EST 738317A)

We carry out expert evaluation of repair and make up a calculation.
Our primary advantages is high quality of repair.

We provide guarantees for the works done.


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